Public Transport Safety

Personal safety when using public transport:

• Plan your journey. This includes deciding on the kinds of transport you intend using. Get to know the timetables.
• Ensure you know the distance, direction and time it takes to get to your destination.
• Avoid using vehicles that are in a poor, non-roadworthy condition. Your safety depends on the state of the vehicle you choose to travel in.
• Avoid overcrowded vehicles or train compartments.
• Be alert at all times and don’t fall asleep while using public transport, especially when travelling by yourself.
• If you are followed when you exit a vehicle/station, go to the nearest well-lit populated area, call the police or scream for help.
• Have your exact fare ready and keep your bags close to your body. If you carry a handbag or backpack, make sure the straps are secure and strong.
• Wait until the bus, train or taxi has come to a complete standstill before boarding or getting off.
• Watch out for side mirrors as the bus or taxi arrives or leaves.
• Use the handrail when standing on the bus or the train.
• Don’t distract the driver while the vehicle is moving.
• Avoid placing any luggage or large objects in the aisle of the bus and/or taxi.
• If seatbelts are available, be sure you use them.

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