Meet Maureen Maluleke – a 24/7 Security Superhero

Only in the movies are superheroes born. In real life, people have to work consistently hard, climb the proverbial mountains, overcome many personal and professional obstacles and even then, only a select few reach superhero status. 24/7 Security Services is proud to introduce one of our own superheroes – Maureen Maluleke.

Maureen joined 24/7 Security on the 14th of November 2007. Nearly 12 years later, she embodies everything we as a company stand for. She has worked her way through the ranks and as current Site Manager at St. Mary’s School, she is an inspiration and role model to many.

As a youngster, Maureen had her heart set on joining the police force or enrolling as a soldier with the army. Her dream did not quite materialise, and she decided to join the security industry. She started her career as a security officer, worked her way up to a controller and now proudly fulfils her role as site manager. It may sound like an easy journey, but for a woman to reach this milestone in a predominantly male-orientated industry is a massive achievement.

Maureen attributes her success to hard work and being blessed with many role-models on her journey. Her mother, a strong woman who encouraged her children to set goals and work hard, was her first role model. Her brother taught her the value of honesty from an early age, an attribute she endeavours to instil in her team. She believes that you can learn from everybody who crosses your path. Several clients have been role models over the years and currently 24/7 Security Manager Altus Geldenhuys inspires her to always do her best.

The recipe for success is not complicated. Maureen believes that life gives you a key – your job is to use it. Her main focus is to keep her clients happy and to help her team grow. She endorses consistency, honesty, continued personal development and learning, and most importantly, always doing the right thing. It is also important to share one’s experiences with the team and nurture good relationships. By being humble and showing respect, negative situations become positives that result in success for everybody involved. A successful team is a happy team, and that is always the goal. There is no time to focus on the negative – it just holds you back.

What does the future hold? Maureen is focussed on continuing her calling to the security industry. By maintaining her upwards growth and learning curves, she is working hard to become an Area Manager within 24/7 Security – the company where she started her career.

Maureen believes that it is not always easy being a woman in the security industry, but mutual respect overcomes many obstacles, and once you show people that you excel at your job, acceptance and inclusion follows naturally.

Maureen Maluleke, you are a 24/7 Superhero, and we salute you!

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