Domestic Safety

Safety tips for domestic workers

It is important that domestic workers are alert at all times.

• When alone at home cleaning or working, make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked.
• Do not allow anyone onto the property before confirming with the homeowner that they are expected, for example electricians, meter readers, Telkom technicians, etc.
• Do not go out to the gate when someone is on the intercom or calling, rather talk over the intercom or through a window from inside the house.
• Be careful when putting out or fetching rubbish bins. Look around for any suspicious people and close and lock the gate immediately.
• Be careful when hanging up or bringing in washing, as suspects can jump over the wall and attack you. Be quick when you are outside and go back into the house, LOCKING the door behind you.
• Do not leave keys in doors or security gates.
• If there is a panic button, carry it at all times, preferably where it is not visible.
• Make sure you always know an emergency number and the address where you are in case of an emergency.
• Do not trust anyone and do not give out any information about the property or your employers.

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