24/7 Security Services - The 5 Minute Rule

5 Minute Rule

Follow-me-home types of robberies are an ongoing concern. Please keep the following top of mind when approaching your destination:

Five minutes from home:
• Transform into an alert state and become aware of your surroundings
• Get off your cell phone
• Turn down car radio/music
• Open the front drivers and passenger window to about 3cm from the top
• Start listening to all external sounds and be alert to any abnormal noises
• Use all three mirrors – left-hand side mirror, right-hand side mirror and rear-view mirror
• Become alert to what vehicles or people are around your vehicle
• Ask any kids to quieten and calm down
• Request any adult passengers to assist with observation
• Slow down
• Keep the vehicle in the direction of the road, parallel to the point of entry

Be alert to the following:
• Suspicious people
• Suspicious vehicles
• Suspicious activity
• Suspicious objects

Indicators not to enter your place of entry:
• Unknown people loitering around
• Unknown vehicle/s parked in the road
• Security officer does not give the all clear signal
• Unusual activity – emergency vehicles, responders etc.

24/7 Security Services – info@24-7security.co.za / 011 444 2237