Remote Off-Site Monitoring

The debate around Remote Off-Site Monitoring is top of mind when discussing the next evolution in security solutions. At 24/7 Security we have been investigating the different elements and effectiveness of Remote Off-Site Monitoring for some time now.

Off-site monitoring is the utilisation of a CCTV system specifically engineered for the protection of an operations premises, including:

  • Access Control
  • Employee Theft
  • Stock Damage/Theft Prevention
  • Hold-up Prevention
  • Vandalism Prevention
  • On-site Theft Prevention

Through modern means of internet telemetry, our dedicated CCTV Operators can gain access to our clients’ security systems remotely; thereby affording us the ability to control many different peripherals, for example bi-directional audio, smoke/pepper activation devices or new/existing security infrastructure such as alarm systems, fire systems, and electric fences. This revolutionises our off-site monitoring service offering into a state of the art, proactive protection solution which is tailored-made to the requirements of our clients.

Remote Off-Site Monitoring will not necessarily replace traditional security officers but is rather an additional layer of security that enhances your security measures. Visual verification on an exception basis increases the consistent levels of monitoring and control.

Case Study:

A leading storage facility contacted 24/7 Security to explore the viability of implementing Remote Off-site Monitoring at their Wynberg premises. Due to the central location, it was evident that high volumes of pedestrian traffic and passing vehicles posed an elevated risk of intrusion, theft, vandalism, armed robbery, and hijacking. The presence of a security officer, CCTV system, interlocking gate, and boom system, meant that the risk was well managed during office hours.  Unfortunately, the risk factors increased after hours and left the security officer vulnerable – a simple task like doing a physical patrol meant that the security officer would leave his post vacant and exposed.

Utilizing the next generation of HD IP cameras, strategically placed alongside the building’s perimeter and linked to the 24/7 Security Remote Off-Site Monitoring service via direct point to point 5ghz wireless link and a secondary fibre optic internet connection, the premises are now monitored in real time by our dedicated trained CCTV operators.  Our CCTV operators conduct random system generated virtual patrols timed 15 minutes apart, which is four times more than conventional security. The cameras are programmed to detect and generate alarms directly to our Remote Off-site Monitoring EMS Event Management System where they will be logged, recorded and acted upon as per a standard operating procedure developed specifically for the client.

The HD IP cameras have been configured to autonomously detect the following events:

  • No-go zones
  • Objects left behind
  • Traffic flow
  • Object (people) counting

To increase the visibility and awareness, a public-address system utilising high gain audio horn speakers enables the remote CCTV operator to conduct live audio communication – not only in the event of an incident but on a random occurrence basis while conducting site patrols. An integration between the operations control CCTV system and the new perimeter control system increases the operators’ field of view. The current alarm system and electric fence have also been integrated into the system, making this solution a multi-layer early warning system.
Over and above what we believe is a drastic improvement to the client’s security system, the following benefits have also been achieved:

  • An overall 50% cost reduction in security expenditure
  • A proactive electronic security system
  • Instant alarm verification

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