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Safety Tips For Women

Don’t ever worry about whether you are overreacting or being over-cautious. If you think something is out of place, make a call to the authorities. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Use your sixth sense. “Sixth sense” or “gut instinct” – whatever you call it, your intuition is a powerful subconscious insight into […]

Laptop Safety

Laptop Safety When Travelling Leaving your laptop at home is supposedly going to help you relax, but what if you’re more anxious without your laptop? You may not be working during the trip, but there could be possible emergencies to handle. And let’s not forget that a laptop can function as a travel agent, a […]

Reporting Road Crimes

Safety when Witnessing and Reporting Crime on the Roads We sadly experience on our roads, not only threats from irresponsible and bad drivers, but also threats to life and property from criminals targeting road users. Nearly every day we are warned of or hear about a protest action on a road somewhere, a hijack or […]

Power Outage Safety Tips

Power Outage Safety Tips When the power is out, it could take your alarm, and other security features down with it. Here are some tips for keeping safe when the power is down. Alarm Batteries Make sure all batteries are charged and working. An alarms’ backup battery will power the system for eight hours on […]